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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm an artist looking for a printer/shipper — can I do this through you? How does it work?

For sure. Send an email to for more info. 

What is a giclée print?

This is basically just a fancy French word for inkjet printing. But fancy inkjet printing. Papers used in giclée are archival, printed with pigment inks in many shades. The result is a vibrant fine art print of the highest quality. 

What kind of paper do you print on?

Our default paper is Arista II Fine Art Bright White Cotton Matte, from Freestyle photo in L.A., which we carry in two weights, 210gsm and 330gsm. (A natural version — free of optical brighteners — is also available.) In addition to being luxurious, this paper is also environmentally friendly — made from a bi-product of cottonseed oil production that would otherwise go into landfill. How cool is that? 

What businesses to you business with?

We aim to be as responsible as possible in all of our consumer choices. We source packing supplies locally, use made in the USA paper, bank with a credit union, and avoid any companies known to have bad practices. (We’re looking at you, Uline.)

When will I get my print?

Please wander on over to the shipping page for that info.

This is a short list of questions and mine isn't on it. Now what?

Send an email. We love hearing from you.