Frequently Asked Questions


I'm an artist looking for a printer/shipper — can I do this through you? How does it work?

For sure! Send an email to to start a no-obligation conversation about how Papergirl Press may be able to help you achieve your e-commerce dreams. 

What is a giclée print?

This is basically just a fancy French word for inkjet printing. But fancy inkjet printing. Papers used in giclée are archival, printed with pigment inks in many shades. The result is a vibrant fine art print of the highest quality. (And seriously, they look amazing.) 

What kind of paper do you print on?

While we work with a number of papers, and can take special requests, our default is Arista II Fine Art Bright White Cotton Matte from Freestyle photo in L.A., which we carry in two weights, 210gsm and 330gsm. (A natural version — free of optical brighteners — is also available.) In addition to being luxurious, this paper is environmentally friendly — made from a bi-product of cottonseed oil production that would otherwise go into landfill. Which we love.

I'm in the united states, and I see you are in Canada. What does that mean for shipping costs to my customers?

Fortunately, in the wonderful world of online commerce we live in, there is a solution for everything. In Toronto, it's a company that makes daily postage drops in the US, allowing Canadians to benefit from lower USPS rates and faster delivery times. Even from Canada, packages generally cost about $5 to ship. Hooray!

I have a two-part question. Do you ship worldwide, and how long will it take for my print to arrive?

We do ship worldwide! Shipments go out once or twice a week, depending on volume. (Busier = more frequent trips to the shipping company.) The very longest your print will wait to be shipped is six days, though signed prints can take a little longer. After that, the postal systems take over with their timeframes:

• To the US, via USPS First Class Mail (3-5 business days from time of mailing) 
• Within Canada. via Canada Post Regular Parcel (7 to 13 days) 
• Internationally, via Canada Post, Small Package International Surface (6-10 business days) 

Expedited shipping can also be arranged. Just contact us, and we'll figure it out. 

This is a short list of questions and mine isn't on it. Now what?

Send an email. We love hearing from you.