Papergirl Press was founded by a former magazine and newspaper editor who made the switch from newsprint to archival cotton rag paper in 2016 and never looked back. She started making high-quality prints for her comic-artist husband, loved it, and has since expanded her mini-empire to include a range of artists and services. 

We can handle everything that goes into having an e-store — taking care of printing, e-commerce, and shipping — so artists and others can easily make prints available to the public. Papergirl Press prints on demand, so there’s no inventory to worry about, or costly minimums to achieve. 

Papergirl is personal and community-minded. We like our clients and our clients' clients. It's all about the good vibes here, and we strive to match that in our business decisions — sourcing supplies locally and banking with a credit union. Our default paper is made in the USA out of a cotton from cottonseed oil production that would otherwise go into landfill. We find this waste subversion thrilling — especially when the results are so gorgeous. (And they really are.) 

Contact us any time, with any questions. We love to hear from you.